What will informal recruitment be like?

The RPI Panhellenic system does not host a primary recruitment process in the Fall semester. Opportunities for sorority membership during this time are coordinated through each individual organization, depending on available spaces in their chapters. Freshman are unable to participate in recruitment in the fall, but can participate in Formal Recruitment in the spring semester and are more than welcome at Panhel and IFC sponsored events like Meet the Greeks!

Make sure to check out our FAQ or reach out if you have any specific questions!


What will formal recruitment be like?

Formal Recruitment is intended to give each Potential New member the opportunity to become familiar with each of the sororities at RPI, meet as many Greek women as possible, and learn about each organization.

The process of formal recruitment involves three rounds of events over four days, each providing experiences to guide decisions!

Rotationals, Days 1 & 2: During rotationals you will visit all the sororities for 20 minutes each every day. These events are intended to introduce you to every chapter before you begin to make any decisions. If you attend both days of rotationals you will have more exposure to the chapters.

What to wear: Wear “dressy casual” clothes to rotationals. You could wear a nice top and jeans, a cute skirt, or even a dress if you would like.

House Tours, Day 3: House Tours are 60 minutes each and you can be invited back to up to three houses. This is a day to pay attention to your feelings and consider how comfortable you feel at each house.

What to wear: Wear business casual clothes to both house tours. You should dress a little nicer than you did for rotationals.

Preference, Day 4: Preference allows you to develop deep bonds with a sorority and ask any pressing questions before you make your final decision. You may attend up to two preference events, each an hour long.

What to wear: You should wear business casual clothes to preference, too. Keep in mind that the houses typically dress in either black or white, so you shouldn’t plan to wear those colors on this day.

Bid Day: Held in the afternoon after Preference rounds, Bid Day is when the Moment happens: you get to open your envelope and run to meet your new sisters! This part of the weekend is filled with excitement, emotions, and fun!

What to wear: You should dress comfortably, but still be presentable - LOTS of pictures are going to be taken! This is fully dependent on weather, but make sure to wear comfortable footwear to walk to your organizations house.


If you are a student thinking about going through recruitment, our Vice President of Recruitment has a message for you! Fill out the form below if you’re interested in Greek Life! (class year is your college year!)


If you are the parent of a student who is considering going greek, our Council President has a message for you!