Membership Expectations

Sorority Life

While each chapter is unique, all sororities and women’s fraternities at RPI are part of the Panhellenic Community. Panhel promotes the feeling of commnunity by overseeing primary recruitment, sponsoring community service opportunities, social events, and educational programs throughout the year.


The entire Greek community strives to attain academic excellence by encouraging members to be active on campus and providing tools to live up to their full potential. The Panhellenic GPA is consistent with that of the campus-wide women’s GPA, and we are proud of our members for working hard on their academic success.

Philanthropy And Service

Philanthropy is a vital part of our community, as we strive to go beyond campus to have positive influences on the surrounding communities. Each chapter focuses on its own philanthropic passions, which is supported by the panhellenic community through multi-house involvement with both fraternities and sororities. As a community, we aim to work together to support a wide range of philanthropic initiatives.

Sorority Finances

It is important to be transparent regarding the costs associated with obtaining a college education and other experiences, including involvement in Greek Life.

Sorority membership is a contractual agreement. When you join, you assume financial obligations to that organization. During recruitment, a potential member should ask sorority members about financial obligations and payment options. Each house sets its own fees, housing costs, and and payment schedules.

What do sororities look for in members?

All the houses look for a woman who is enthusiastic about her education and activities, though beyond that it is hard to pinpoint. It’s important to recognize the way you feel while interacting with each house, but an ideal member is one who is loyal to their organization, kind to others, and who is willing to be involved within the community.