General Questions


What will informal recruitment be like?

Opportunities for sorority membership during the fall semester are coordinated through each individual organization, depending on available spaces in their chapters. Freshman are unable to participate in recruitment in the fall, but can participate in Formal Recruitment in the spring semester and are more than welcome at Panhel and IFC sponsored events like our NRB trip and Meet the Greeks!

What Will Formal Recruitment Be Like?

Formal Recruitment is intended to give each Potential New member the opportunity to become familiar with each of the sororities at RPI, meet as many Greek women as possible, and learn about each organization. The process of formal recruitment involves three rounds of events over four days, each providing experiences to guide decisions:

Rotationals, Days 1 & 2: During rotationals you will visit all the sororities for 20 minutes each every day. These events are intended to introduce you to every chapter before you begin to make any decisions. If you attend both days of rotationals you will have more exposure to the chapters, but if you miss one day or part of a day you will still see each chapter equally.

House Tours, Day 3: House Tours are 60 minutes each and you can be invited back to up to three houses. This is a day to pay attention to your feelings and consider how comfortable you feel at each house.

Preference, Day 4: Preference allows you to develop deep bonds with a sorority and ask any pressing questions before you make your final decision. You may attend up to two preference events, each an hour long.

Bid Day: Held in the afternoon after Preference rounds, Bid Day is when the Moment happens: you get to open your envelope and run to meet your new sisters! This part of the weekend is filled with excitement, emotions, and fun!

what is deferred recruitment?

Deferred Recruitment, which is what the RPI campus participates in, is when primary recruitment takes place in the spring semester and only Continuous Open Bidding (informal recruitment) occurs in the fall semester. While freshmen can not go through any type of recruitment until their second semester, any upperclassmen or transfer students who have at least one semester of college completed can participate in the fall COB recruitment process.

If I participate in Recruitment, am I obligated to join a sorority?

Nope! Many women choose to go through recruitment to meet people and make new friends and ultimately choose not to join a house at that time. Recruitment is an opportunity for you to visit the sororities, get a glimpse of Greek life, and assess whether or not you would like to be a part of the RPI Greek Community.


Does participation in formal recruitment guarantee a bid for membership?

No. Although the majority of the women participating in recruitment are invited to join a chapter at the end of the recruitment period, it is possible to go through recruitment and not pledge a sorority. It is rare to not receive a bid at RPI, but it can happen.

What if I only want to be in a certain sorority?

Potential New Members (that’s you!) often experience the greatest disappointment by beginning the recruitment process only wanting to be in a certain sorority. Membership is more than wearing certain Greek letters, it is giving your time and energy to a sorority and all its members. Don’t make a decision based on stereotypes and others’ opinions. Keep an open mind and make a decision based on your experiences during recruitment.

is there a GPA requirement to participate in recruitment?

Although the Panhellenic Council does not require a minimum GPA to participate in recruitment, each sorority may establish their own minimum GPA required for membership. If you have a question about a particular sorority’s requirement, don’t hesitate to contact the chapter.

I have heard that sororities have various reputations. How do I handle this information?

The only opinion of a chapter that should matter is your own. Each chapter is different form campus to campus and from year to year. Remember that each chapter is made up of many different women with different talents and qualities that compose the entire group. There are always rumors about any important event and Recruitment is no exception. If you hear derogatory remarks about any sorority or any women in the group, please disregard those comments as inappropriate and against the Panhellenic spirit. Any questions regarding rumors or inappropriate comments should be directed to your Recruitment Counselor or the Vice President of Recruitment. It is very important to keep an open mind about each sorority throughout the process and not to dismiss a certain house based on rumor or stereotype.

I am a legacy to a sorority - what should I know?

Each PNM is considered on an individual basis; a legacy is no more obligated to join a particular sorority than the sorority is obligated to pledge her. The Potential New Member and the sorority should be looking for compatibility, not necessarily a family connection to the group. Panhellenic has no policies regarding legacies because each sorority has its own policy, and Panhellenic has no input in individual sorority membership decisions. More specific questions regarding legacies should be directed to the individual sororities.

What If I turn down a bid I receive?

After the Preference Round if you wish to join a sorority, you will fill out and sign an official Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement. Your signature on this card is binding for one year. If you then receive a bid and decide not to accept it, you will not be able to participate in Recruitment or Continuous Open Bidding for one year. We therefore urge you to think carefully before turning down a bid as emotions can temporarily cloud your thinking. Please give yourself and the sorority a chance before declining a bid.

What if I have a hard time making decisions about sororities?

Difficult decisions are a very common dilemma. Potential New Members, however, should not look at this as a problem. Most women can be happy in any of the sororities on campus. Besides, you have to keep in mind that sororities are also having to make decisions. Think carefully and look objectively at what each sorority has to offer you. A sorority should be a home away from home; a place where you feel totally comfortable and welcome. Your experiences at each Recruitment event and personal goals and desires should guide your decision making.

How much time does a sorority take Up?

There is a required meeting once a week where you will receive information on chapter events and sorority education. Weekly study sessions, sisterhood activities, community service projects and social events are also potential time commitments. Many members are involved in other groups and clubs on campus, such as ROTC and Varsity Sports, so time management is possible to give you the full experience!

How long will it take to be initiated?

The new member period is usually six to eight weeks. This time is an opportunity to meet other members, learn sorority history and begin to feel at home. Each sorority establishes its own new member program and initiation dates. All sororities have a zero tolerance for hazing.

Do I have to live in the sorority house?

Each sorority has its own policies regarding living in the house. Most require a member to live in the house during their second year of membership.