Costs of Sorority life at rensselaer

How much does it cost to be a member of a sorority at RPI?

Sorority members pay dues each semester. Many groups use financial management companies which offer online access and monthly payment plans. It is important to remember that sorority membership is the most expensive during the first semester due to one-time new member fees (education materials, initiation, badge or pin fee, etc.) and we suggest you anticipate the total fees with this knowledge in mind. Women participating in recruitment will need to reference the Living Out fees and New Member fees. Please note that the semester fees vary by sorority and depend on housing arrangements.

New member/first-year (per semester): coming soon

Living in-house fees (per semester): coming soon

Living out-of-house fees (per semester): coming soon

What are my options for meal plans?

All of Rensselaer’s sorority members are eligible for the Greek Meal Plan, but many offer their own as well.

Do I have to live in the sorority house?

While living in the house is not usually required, it is often suggested as it allows you to be fully immersed in your organization. All of Rensselaer’s sorority houses are close to the academic campus, easily reachable by foot or by campus shuttle. Some houses have a requirement for how many members must live in the house at any certain time, and have their own ways to determine who those members are.

When can I start living in the sorority house?

RPI requires students to live on campus their freshman and sophomore years, but students in a Greek organizations are eligible to complete the Greek Housing Waiver and move into their sorority house as early as first semester sophomore year. To move in as a, you MUST be an initiated member of your organization to complete that waiver on the ResLife website.

Will I be able to live in my house for my summer arch semester?

As of Summer Arch 2019, you must live in an on-campus dorm from summer move-in (May 20, 2019) until summer move-out (August 17, 2019).