A Letter from our president:

Welcome to RPI!

My name is Tori Gilroy and I am proud to serve as the 2019 President of the Panhellenic Council here at RPI. The entire Panhellenic Community congratulates you on your acceptance and decision to attend RPI. Your decision to attend this rigorous and prestigious school speaks to your commitment to academics and value placed on education. I speak for the entire Panhellenic Community when I say we are thrilled to see more passionate women like yourself explore all the opportunities Greek Life can add to your college experience.

The Greek Community at Rensselaer has been thriving since its inception and can’t wait to welcome you as one of it’s newest members. Our community is home to 5 sororities and over 300 incredible women. The Panhellenic Recruitment process will allow you the opportunity to meet as many Greek women as possible and learn about each organization, the Panhellenic Council, and the Greek Community. In learning about our community and sorority life as a whole, you become a member of the entire Panhellenic community rather than a single sorority. With this in mind, please make sure to enter Recruitment with an open mind no matter your perception of our organizations from Hollywood or the media. This means not ruling out sororities prior to Recruitment, and learning first-hand about what each sorority has to offer. After all, each sorority is alike in that they strive for sisterhood and Panhellenic spirit.

Between strong friendships, academic encouragement, leadership and philanthropic opportunities, and professional and personal growth, sorority life can make all the difference in your college experience. Sororities are about so much more than weekly meetings and occasional events - it’s a group of women who find each other through common goals, values, and ideals. Above all, it’s not about whichever house you may choose, but rather the amazing women who will guide and support you throughout your time at RPI. No matter the group, you will find the people who will be by your side through it all.

My experience in Greek Life is similar to many women who have joined. When I first came to RPI, I was eager to meet women with similar interests as I at our male dominated institution. I attended formal recruitment where I met some of our school’s most intelligent, involved and friendly women.  Since joining my chapter, I have held several leadership positions in my sorority, have been a mentor through our big/little sister program, and now I’m the President of the Panhellenic Council. Joining Greek life has helped me develop as a strong woman, ready to enter the “real world” with experience that will help me for years to come. Once again, I am so happy you’ve chosen to explore the Greek and Panhellenic Communities and wish you all the best in your upcoming years at Rensselaer!

In Panhellenic spirit,

Tori Gilroy, RPI Panhellenic Council President 2019


The Panhellenic Creed

We, as undergraduate members of women’s fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and serving to the best of our ability our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities.

We, as fraternity women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.

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Collegiate stats

  • 16% of RPI women are in a sorority

  • 23% of RPI students are Greek

  • The retention rate for Greek students is 10% higher than that for unaffiliated students (90% vs. 80%)

  • 40% of all athletes are Greek

  • 24,000+ of RPI Alumni are Greek

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