RPI Panhellenic Council

Sorority Life

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Panhellenic Council governs the female fraternities and sororities. It promotes cooperation and cohesiveness within the Greek community, oversees primary recruitment for its member groups, and sponsors community service opportunities, social events and educational programs throughout the year. 


The RPI Greek community strives to attain the highest level of academic achievement possible. By encouraging fraternity and sorority members to be active on campus and keep up their grades, the Greek system is a driving force in helping members live up to their potential. The Panhellenic GPA is consistent with that of the RPI All-Women's GPA. The average of our community of over 300 women from Fall 2016 was 3.22 and Spring 2017 3.32. We are very proud of all the hard work our women put into their academic success.

The Greek Communities Grade Reports can be found here.  

Sorority Finances

It is important for students and parents to be as informed as possible regarding the costs associated with obtaining a college education. Understanding the financial obligations associated with sorority membership is just as important. 

Sorority membership is a contractual agreement. When you join, you assume many financial obligations and it important to be aware of these obligations and take them into consideration. During primary recruitment, a potential member should ask sorority members about financial obligations and payment options. Each sorority sets its own fees and housing costs as well as the payment schedules. 

The first semester of membership if the most expensive due to many one-time fees (house corporation fee, initiation fee, etc.). All sororities are willing to work with their members on an individual basis to create payment plans if necessary. The average cost of New Member Dues is $715 for Fall semester for NPC sororities and $200 for associate sororities.  This average includes what is required; these financial obligations do not include every expense for a member. Additional expenses (t-shirts, formal dates, etc.) are in no way mandatory. The price of living in the sorority house is usually an exceptional value as the average cost of a room, board, and dues can be less than the average cost of living in a typical RPI residence hall and a 5-day meal plan. The average cost for living in the house is $5,000 per semester. This includes sorority dues, fees, room, board, and the house meal plan. 

These averages were gathered from information before Recruitment in 2017. Each house provides their specific financial information during primary recruitment.

Philanthropy and Service

Philanthropy is a vital part of our community, on a multilevel scale. It begins with each individual member, then each house, and finally the Panhellenic Community as a whole. Along with each chapter having its own philanthropic events, chapters participate in other fraternity and sorority philanthropy events, in an effort to support a variety of causes as well as each other. Our community as a whole goes beyond simply donating money, members also spend time volunteering locally, with causes that are meaningful to them. As a Panhellenic community, we strive to work together in order to create a cohesive, and philanthropic community, which supports a wide range of philanthropic initiatives.

For the Spring 2017 Semester the Panhellenic Community volunteered for over 500 hours and raised over $3,000 dollars.