RPI Panhellenic Council

Dear Parents,

We’re thrilled to be welcoming your daughter into the community of female students at Rensselaer! As you know, RPI is a selective and prestigious institution and your daughter’s acceptance and choice to attend speaks highly to both of your strength, preparation, and efforts, as well as your guidance and encouragement for her to strive for academic success and follow her dreams.

I encourage your daughter to use her time in college to the fullest - to further her academics while also taking the time to grow strong relationships and seek out opportunities to develop as a woman and a leader and to build a strong foundation for lifelong success both in and out of the workplace. Greek and Sorority Life offer an abundance of such opportunities and a large community for your daughter to be a part in on campus. The sorority chapters and Panhellenic Council at Rensselaer hold dearly our values of commitment to lifelong intellectual and personal, the power of the individual and the empowerment of women, and the importance of service, professionalism, and sisterhood. Additionally, RPI’s Panhellenic Community is continually working to foster diversity and inclusivity in sorority life and sees the power and importance of variety of culture, experience, and all the things that make our sorority women unique. Because of these strong values set forth by all sorority organizations, they are reflected in the events, efforts, philanthropies, and opportunities that chapters and the Panhellenic Council provides.

Above all, Rensselaer’s Panhellenic women create a very strong and positive community on RPI’s campus. It is a place where all women are supported, celebrated, and are able to find a group of caring, intelligent, and driven women to call a family when they’re separated from their own.

The entire Panhellenic Community is so excited to welcome your daughter as a member of the Class of 2023 and we hope you will encourage her to consider and explore the countless opportunities that sorority life at Rensselaer has to offer. If you or your daughter have any additional questions, concerns, or would just like some more information about Sorority Life here on campus, please feel free to contact me at rpi.panhel.president@gmail.com - no question or topic is too big or small!

In Panhellenic spirit,

Victoria Gilroy
RPI Panhellenic Council President 2019