Fall 2019 Recruitment

All questions should be sent to rpi.panhel.vpr@gmail.com. Sign up for recruitment here

What Will Recruitment Be Like?

Recruitment is intended to give each Potential New Member an opportunity to become familiar with each of the 5 sororities at RPI, meet as many Greek women as possible, and learn about each organization. The actual process of Recruitment involves three rounds of events. After each round of events, Potential New Members receive invitations to the next round of events and are permitted to choose a limited number of sororities they would like to visit again. Potential New Members will be divided into small groups with Recruitment Counselors to guide them through the weekend.

Rotationals: During rotationals, you will visit all 5 sororities for 20 minutes each. These events are intended to introduce you to every chapter before you begin to make any decisions. You should attend both dates of rotationals.

Invitationals: House tours / invitationals is an exciting day. Each event is 60 minutes and you can be invited back to up to three houses. Pay attention to your feelings and consider whether you feel comfortable at each house.

Preference: Preference allows you to develop deep bonds with a sorority and ask any pressing questions before you make your final decision. You may attend up to two preference events, each an hour long. 

For the powerpoint showed at the interest meeting for more details about recruitment and what to wear click here!

What Do I Wear?

For rotationals you should wear “dressy casual” clothes. For invitationals and preference you should wear business casual clothes. If you want to see examples of clothing attire, please check out our PowerPoint that includes acceptable and unacceptable attire for each round.

RPI Panhellenic Council